1. A mat-forming, evergreen shrub (Vaccinium macrocarpum) of eastern North America, having pink flowers and tart, red, edible berries.
2. The berries of this plant, used in sauces, jellies, relishes, and beverages.
1. A small, single-storied house, especially in the country.
2. A small vacation house.
cran·ber·ry cot·tage
1. A tiny house in the woods in the north of Holland.
2. Peace, quiet, paradise.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas tour.....

Our home has been touched by Christmas cheer...

A large cutting board made up with a winter scene for the holidays stands on our coffee table.

There are sparkling lights and touches of red and silver throughout the room.

A handmade patchwork Christmas wreath is held by a large wooden Santa my older brother and I made together years ago.

Even my desk in the living room has been given some touches for the season as all the tables in our home. This is where I blog...


Thursday, December 18, 2014

I believe....... Santa! Do you??? He is trudging his way through the snow covered woods to be here in time for December 25th.