1. A mat-forming, evergreen shrub (Vaccinium macrocarpum) of eastern North America, having pink flowers and tart, red, edible berries.
2. The berries of this plant, used in sauces, jellies, relishes, and beverages.
1. A small, single-storied house, especially in the country.
2. A small vacation house.
cran·ber·ry cot·tage
1. A tiny house in the woods in the north of Holland.
2. Peace, quiet, paradise.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Garden table needs your help.....

We have a young family living next to us since last summer. They have two extremely playful girls while we have no children and are used to quiet. As they use the front garden a great deal to eat and play, we moved our bench to the back garden since we will no long sit out front. This combined with our rocking chairs created a nice outdoor living room area after moving our table and chairs which normally sit here to the back terrace which was a coffee corner. You can read about here on my old blog.

Last week, we were able to get some brand new pallets from someone we know. He was going to take them to the dump so told us to take them away. I (okay...this is actually to be read as Jos to do it for me...grins) wanted to make a table top to put on the wooden blocks we have.

Jos first set the pallet upside down and sawed the middle sections away. These pieces were used later on for the ends of the finished table. He then saw away a section in the length of the pallet so that four boards remained. Two of the three boards were sawed separately and nailed to the side of the pallet with the two short boards added to the two ends. Because the block in the middle section is still in tact (you see it next to the saw in the top right photo), the blocks sit snugly into the table top to support it.

But here is where I need your help! Does anyone have a tip on how to age fresh wood fast? I looked it up and read that you soak steel wool in vinegar overnight then dilute with water and rub into the wood. Jos does not think this sounds like a logical way to darken and age the wood. The furniture is already aged to silver grey over the years. Anyone have good advice on what we should do?

I am so looking forward to using this area now that spring is finally going to start. It is will be fun to be creative as I plan on trying to crochet some seating cushions for my rocking chairs from hemp string. I also see a quilt laid out on the table. *sigh* Bring on the good weather.....



  1. All sorts of ideas are around, one is to spread live yoghurt on the wood, another to spread, excuse me, cowdung on it. Hmm.
    I'd be tempted to give it a light paint wash in grey/blue.

  2. Everyone seems to be using chalk paint and wax for some really good effects. Good luck!

  3. Not sure how to age wood. But, I really like your pallet table!

  4. Perhaps it won't take as long as you think if you just let nature take it's course. Perhaps a light stain in the meantime will help take off the edge.
    Looking forward to seeing how you make out.

  5. Jos did a great job with the table and you have a wonderful outdoor living room! Can't help you with the aging question, but I'm confident you'll find something that will work great!

  6. Your handy man Jos, alias hubby, did a wonderful job with the table. Looks like you will have a nice secluded spot to enjoy.

  7. I've done the vinegar/steel wool thing and was not excited about the outcome. It did discolor the wood, but not to the silvery grey of your other weathered outdoor furniture. I don't have any other suggestion for you, either, so I guess I'm not much help. Your new outdoor living room is lovely, though. No outdoors anything for us since we still have snow in the forecast this next week...

  8. If it were me, I would look on Pinterest for tips on aging wood. You ARE on Pinterest, aren't you?

  9. Your Jos is handy. It's a lovely table top. I can't help much on how to age it; google it, as you might be surprised with what comes up in help. No use to reinvent the wheel if somebody already has a tutorial on the subject.

  10. Lucky you that Jos is so clever and handy! Love the table. I have no idea how to age wood though. I googled it and there were several ideas.

  11. That's a beautiful DIY table! Great idea and great job!
    Don't know how to age it, but if you let nature work for you and put on a quilt for the time the two of you are sitting there? .
    Greetings Sonja

  12. HI
    First, I love the table, wonderful job Jos. George says to have it aged, you should have built it ten years ago. LOL
    I think maybe a stain/wash might work but otherwise just let nature do it. Hey, Ask This Old House, they have a web site.
    Love you, Mom
    PS; Now the kids will move to the back tee hee
    I know, not funny Mom

  13. Dat ziet er erg gezellig uit, ik heb geen idee of deze houtsoort ook vergrijsd. Maar waarom help je de natuur niet een beetje met een grijze transparante beits, altijd bijzonder, zeker wanneer er ook een quilt op komt te liggen. Als de quilt schuin ligt zie je nog net een stukje van jullie "Design tafel", wanneer is de koffie klaar???

  14. Sorry, dat was ikke, huggie Bep.

  15. I'm no help here as we're trying to find a way to get our deck to look newer and get rid of the weathering!! How fun for you to get new tables out of pallets. Great idea!


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