1. A mat-forming, evergreen shrub (Vaccinium macrocarpum) of eastern North America, having pink flowers and tart, red, edible berries.
2. The berries of this plant, used in sauces, jellies, relishes, and beverages.
1. A small, single-storied house, especially in the country.
2. A small vacation house.
cran·ber·ry cot·tage
1. A tiny house in the woods in the north of Holland.
2. Peace, quiet, paradise.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A caged bird.....

In my case, it is simply a birdcage with a bird plaque contained within. I have wondered for some time how best to use this wire cage outside to its best advantage. While planting some summer annuals, I got the idea to hang it. We had removed a mailbox from this wall when we moved in and the holes were perfect to hang this birdcage from...

"These are the days when Birds come back -- 
A very few -- a Bird or two --
To take a backward look."

- Emily Dickinson



  1. What a great idea to hang it there. We had a bird cage and a black bird inside (ceramic) as one of Kaje's decorations at her wedding. She's very much into birds and Edgar Allen Poe so it was perfect for her and Jake. Thanks so much for sharing a wonderful idea!

  2. How lovely!!!! How very lovely it looks there, with everything else in the grouping.

    That poem quote... It illustrates how I am beginning to feel. And said so, today. "Autumn is coming..."

    Gentle hugs,

  3. Beautiful and perfect!

  4. Hi Heidi,
    Your bird cage looks lovely and romantic too!
    Have a wonderful day.

  5. That is one very cute idea. I love the grouping you did. I cannot remember that mirror from when I was there. It looks like a window. You are forever dreaming up new ideas. Wonder what will be next.
    Love you, Mom

  6. Just lovely. I love the birdcage. Will you leave it out all year or take it in during the winter?

  7. Such a sweet idea Heidi and very pretty.

    Thank you for you advice regarding a new blog. I've taken the plunge ~ you will find a link at my old place.

    Marie x


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