1. A mat-forming, evergreen shrub (Vaccinium macrocarpum) of eastern North America, having pink flowers and tart, red, edible berries.
2. The berries of this plant, used in sauces, jellies, relishes, and beverages.
1. A small, single-storied house, especially in the country.
2. A small vacation house.
cran·ber·ry cot·tage
1. A tiny house in the woods in the north of Holland.
2. Peace, quiet, paradise.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Screen for the garden door.....

We have had too many 'visitors' lately in our home. Other people's cat, a bird, lots of flies, butterfly and even an emperor dragonfly... So I kept asking Jos to get us a screen door. He did not want to get one. It would be very expensive to have a carpenter make one and the retractable screen doors are really bad quality. So I put on my thinking cap and this is what I came up with...

I had these lace curtains from IKEA (Alvine Spets) which we used in our previous home for privacy. I no longer need them for that purpose here but thought they would make a great screen that looks really pretty too.

I made a ruffled tunnel on the top and bottom and fed a tension cord through them. Jos placed the hooks for the tension cord on each side of the door opening also at the top and bottom. The lace panel stretches over open door keeping visitors out. If we want to go in and out, I can simply unhook the bottom cord and slip it into the same hooks as the top cord to allow us to walk in and out. I am really happy with this solution which is not only functional but prettier than a screen.



  1. Once again, I have the very most clever little daughter. That is sure prettier than a screen and much cheaper too. You already had the curtain so very little cost. Bet Jos smiled about that. lol.
    Very nice.
    Love you, Mom

  2. lovely blog :)
    cute photos and I'll be happy if you check out my blog too=)

  3. Excellent idea Heidi and at no extra cost! Thankyou for your comment on my last post. I'm now four weeks post surgery and slowly getting my sight back in my eye. Very frustrating as there are so many things I want to do and can't. Hopefully another few weeks will see me back to normal and posting more regularly. Thanks for your concern.
    Patricia x

  4. WONDERFUL!!!!!!

    I love it!!!!!!

    You are so inventive!!!!

    Gentle hugs,

  5. What a creative solution, using what you already had at home! I love that my paperdoll names are nearly identical to your Mom and her sisters! That is one of the things I love about paperdolls... they give us a peek into history. Not only with the clothes that mirror the fashion of the time, but with their names and hairstyles, etc...

  6. Kijk..dat is nou nog eens slim gedaan, èn veel mooier dan een hordeur.
    Ik kan slecht uit je tekst opmaken hoe het aan ze zijkant zit,of zit het zo 'strak'dat er langs de zijkant ook niets kan?

  7. You're brilliant! I would have never thought of that!

  8. You are so clever! Glad we can pick up decent screen doors here; in fact, pretty much everyone has one. We have a lot of bugs here!

  9. What a brilliant idea - it looks so pretty as well as being functional.

  10. What a great solution to your probelm.
    Have a great weekend!

  11. Much prettier than a screen and a fantastic idea! Better yet, since you already had the curtain it was not new cost to you!

  12. And it works perfectly! I have one too hanging as a fly curtain. Joanne and I bought a set before the summer of 2011. I missed these curtains, I left them in my old appartment, so I love to see this one now in the spring and summer, and now I can see one too, when I visit you!

  13. Wat een goed idee! En mooi sfeertje. Niet zo zakelijk strak, maar juist dat vleugje ouderwets!

  14. What a perfect and pretty solution to your problem. You are so clever to think of it.
    Thank you for your recent visit and kind comments, Heidi. I sincerely appreciate it.
    BTW, I just tried to update your new blog on my sidebar. I did it by copying and pasting, but it doesn't seem to be linking to the current post. Guess I'll have to play around with it some more.


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